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PMCons Energy Saving Panels

PMCons Energy Saving Panel is a light weight energy saving Panel . Calcium Silicate Board (Fiber reinforced cement board) is used as the Face Panel. Cement, EPS beads, Fly Ash, additives is used as Core material. The entire Panel is manufactured in one time operation thus ensuring stability and consistency The product has features of light weight, high intensity, thin, water & fire proof, heat preservation, sound insulation, quakeproof, low cost and space saving. EPS & Cement sandwich panel are widely applied to interior wall partition, exterior wall and roof for all kinds of constructions

Features of the PMCons Energy Saving Panel

  • Cost Saving Lighter Weight, Avoidance of Plastering, Avoidance of Curing, Faster Construction, Lower Labour and increased productivity drastically reduces the unit cost of construction and has major impact on project viability
  • Energy Saving

A Major advantage of composite panel systems is their enhanced energy efficiency. The composite material has higher insulation value thereby reducing the Energy Required for Heating and Cooling

  • Light weight Lower weight decreases the structural loading simultaneously increasing the available space
  • Ease of construction Tongue and Groove locking arrangement makes the assembly easier and keeps walls plumb and level
  • Moisture Proof The water absorption of the Panels is much lower than the conventional concrete. This can be used in direct contact with water without the need for plastering or water proofing
  • Fire rating Higher Fire Rating Properties up to 4 Hours and also do not emit toxic flames
  • Acoustic Properties The core panel has better acoustic properties thereby effectively dampening noise

PMCons Energy Saving Panel Brochure