PMCons Engineering India Pvt. Ltd

Engineering & Project Management Company


Our team assists you right from the feasibility assessment of your project, scheme designing, drawings, and implementation as well as reporting remedies. Take advantage of our expert structural engineers and consultants to prevent expensive mistakes during construction of your building. We ensure smooth performance of the processes through our efficient system of work and highly experienced professionals with definitive technical know-how in the field

Our structural engineering services include:

1.Preliminary Structural Designs / Drawings

  • Evaluation and selection of primary structural systems
  • Preliminary foundation layout
  • Preliminary analysis, establishing critical member sizes for preliminary elements
  • Primary framing drawings, with sizes of primary members only and indicative structural connection types
  • Preliminary assessment of floor vibration and building movement
  • Identify high risk / cost elements in structure
  • Preliminary input to Architect on architectural elements
  • Value Engineering

2.Detailed Structural Designs / Drawings

  • Foundation plan drawings
  • Drawings for shallow, raft and pile foundations
  • RCC joint, slab details, roof truss and joint details
  • RCC and steel plan and machine foundation details
  • Shallow, raft and pile foundation drawings
  • Chimney foundation drawings with base plate, shoe plate, and foundation bolt details
  • Longitudinal and cross-sections of beams and columns
  • Welded, riveted or bolted steel connection details

3.Designs / Drawings for Building Foundation systems

  • Isolated footings
  • Combined footings
  • Pile and caisson, Raft/Mat foundation

4.Structural Analysis

  • 3D and 2D analysis for framed, plate, shear wall and combined systems
  • Finite element analysis
  • Codes: British standards and Euro code; Scandinavian codes & references standards; IBC, VBC, SBC and Referenced Standards , (ACI, PCI, ASCE, AISC, AWS), Australian codes
  • Software: STAAD Pro, RISA, RobotCAD, ADAPT Pro, RAPT, ETABS, ANSYS,Presto, Bentley Buildings Structural, Revit Structures, Navisworks