PMCons Engineering India Pvt. Ltd

Engineering & Project Management Company

Commissioning and Close Out Stage

  • Ensure that the build contractor prepares all the drawings and documentation required for obtaining Temporary
  • Occupation permits and ultimately the Statutory Completion Certificate.
  • Represent Client and prepare all documentation for all statutory matters pertaining to Temporary occupation permit and Statutory Completion Certificates
  • Represent Client and Obtain all license required for commissioning of the Project
  • Review & approval of ‘As Built Drawings’ prepared by the Build Contractor and then submitted to Client after ensuring the deviations from project drawings & specifications that have taken place during construction have been incorporated.
  • Co-ordinate the QHSE audit required before Client handover as per format and standards of the Client.
  • Review, approve & submission of all contractual documents (Instruction manuals, maintenance manuals, etc.) Prepared by the Build Contractor to Client
  • Arrange for documentation from Build Contractor/others of all deficiencies & snags arising before the handing over of the site to Client
  • List of other documents ( Non exhaustive ) to be prepared and submitted by the Build Contractors to Client
    • All material test certificates & Inspection reports.
    • Data Sheets
    • List & drawings of spare parts.
    • Performance test reports.
    • Verification/acceptance reports for building & mechanical completion (where ever applicable)
    • Statutory clearance & approvals certificates.
  • Preparation & submission of material reconciliation statement to Client by build Contractor after verification
  • Prepare site closure report for handover.