PMCons Engineering India Pvt. Ltd

Engineering & Project Management Company

Design Management

  • Evaluate and Shortlist Engineering Design Companies through approved evaluation criteria
  • Prepare Request for Proposal highlighting project details and scope of services and key performance indicators
  • Ensure all Techno Commercial Clarification to all bidders
  • Bid Evaluation and recommendation to Stakeholders
  • Contract Negotiations and draft contract as per applicable standards including FIDIC Contract
  • Prepare the Front End Package consisting of concept drawing and design brief of the project.
  • Provide all technical details to the selected Local Engineering Company to ensure them to provide the detailed engineering drawings
  • Facilitate review of the drawings at 30% , 60% and 90% Stages by Third Party agency and Project Stakeholders .
  • Ensure that all department of the Stakeholders agree on the detailed design and sign off documents prior to start of construction