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LEED/Green Building

Our Services Include

LEED Education and Professional Training:

  • Facilitation of LEED project eco-charrettes and the whole systems integrated design approach Implementation of our proprietary Roadmap to LEED Certification™ Project Team Workbook, a LEED project management system
  • LEED trainings with forms specific to General Contractors
  • LEED v3 orientations and trainings for professionals
  • LEED trainings for government staff, and design and construction industry companies wanting to develop in-house LEED administration or LEED review capabilities

LEED Peer Review Services

  • Evaluation of the status of a LEED project and/or review of documentation, not administered by WSG, during the LEED process, to prepare an independent opinion and remedies and recommendations report. This is typically initiated by the building owner

Government Advisement

  • Writing LEED policy and practical implementation strategies for LEED mandates
  • Writing RFQ and RFP requirements for LEED for CM/GC solicitations
  • LEED consulting to General Services, Property Control and Building Services on the integration and implementation of LEED in construction and operations

LEED Project Pre-Design Services

  • Early stage LEED feasibility study and recommendations
  • "Making the Business Case for LEED" presentation
  • Project budgeting: provide potential sources of funds through financial incentives, rebates, tax credits and deductions, and/or grant programs
  • LEED cost estimates for budgeting energy modeling, daylight modeling, and commissioning fees.
  • Return on Investment analysis (ROI) for specific LEED credits
  • Life-cycle cost analysis (LCA) option
  • LEED sustainable design and construction team selection and qualification advisement
  • Prepare and post the RFP for the Commissioning Authority
  • Project-specific eco-charrette facilitation including the integrated design process
  • Develop baseline LEED Scorecard
  • GBCI project registration

LEED Project Management

  • Provide LEED-Kickoff team direction, support, resources, and sample documents
  • Create LEED team Action List with monthly updates
  • GBCI LEED-Online project setup and ongoing site management including assigning roles and responsibilities to team members
  • Demonstrate how to use LEED-Online v3 to team members, the GBCI document repository site.
  • LEED sustainable design and construction team integration, coordination, documentation and process management throughout project, including facilitating regular meetings
  • LEED Scorecard and project updates issued to team at appropriate intervals
  • Review of architect’s LEED Requirements in Construction Documents or guidance to architect to prepare
  • Complete management of LEED certification submittal documentation. Specifically, the two-phase certification process for Design submittals followed by Construction submittals. Services entail the technical review and edits of team submittals, plus back-check, for compliance prior to presenting documentation to the GBCI for the certification review process.
  • Provide comprehensive LEED project management Toolkit for the General Contractor, including sample IAQ plans and Construction Waste Management Plans amongst other electronic forms to simplify the LEED paperwork.
  • Supply current Errata to team members
  • Prepare and submit CIRs (Credit Interpretation Requests) if necessary
  • Green materials and products: comprehensive research or simple submittal approvals
  • Write or support a customized Green Housekeeping policy and Green Education plan for Innovation and Design credits
  • Provide the most cost-competitive and reputable broker sources for Green Power quotes
  • Share resources and case studies from national resources for leading edge technologies and strategies
  • Facilitate our proprietary “Road Map to LEED Certification® Team Workbook” customized LEED project management system

LEED Construction Services

  • LEED Pre-Bid meeting facilitation
  • Pre-Construction LEED-Kickoff session
  • Coordination of Commissioning Authority site session
  • Construction site meetings and inspections for LEED compliance
  • Submittal reviews for LEED product approvals

LEED Post-Occupancy Services

  • Produce media and PR materials promoting your LEED project achievements
  • Preparation of your project’s LEED Executive Summary or a full LEED Case Study
  • Project debrief process to capture lessons learned